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Probate Law


What is Probate? Probate is the legal term for the general process through which a person’s legal and financial affairs are completed and resolved after their death. You should always consult with an attorney after the death of a loved one, as the law requires various processes whether or not a person had a Will.

When a person dies, all property, other than property passing directly to others such as life insurance proceeds, bank accounts and retirement plans payable to a named beneficiary, or real estate transferred via transfer on death deed, may be subject to a probate proceeding. There is no “natural right” to inherit property. This right exists solely as granted by statute. Kansas law provides for the probating of estates to protect all interested parties.

The probate process can sometimes be both time-consuming and stressful. We understand how complex and confusing estate administration can be to the average person who just lost a loved one. That is why we answer all questions you may have about the estate administration process, handle all pleadings and hearings with the probate court, assist with collection, distribution, and administration of estate assets, and help to ensure the proceeds of the estate are distributed according to the terms of the deceased’s Will and/or by law. We also help to identify any other potential issues that may arise in your particular situation.

At Kluin Law Office, your probate legalities will be handled in the most professional and skillful way. We have been helping to ease families through the probate process in Chanute, and throughout the Southeast Kansas area, for over 30 years. With our extensive knowledge, experience, and legal expertise, we handle all of the probate issues, as well as estate administration and probate litigation that may occur.

Litigation is a service that few probate lawyers provide. Due to our knowledge of what can go wrong with estate administration or probate, we are able to provide counsel that will minimize the potential for complications, and we will help ensure the Estate matters are resolved in the timeliest, efficient, and economical manner possible.

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Clients of Kluin Law Office trust our decades of due diligence to provide legal representation for probate issues. If you’re looking for an experienced probate attorney in Southeast Kansas and the Chanute Area, please feel free to contact us today.

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